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Does your team/club/league have its own Facebook page? Why not share it with all your players, coaches and fans on Teampages! Here’s a little how-to on embedding your Facebook page onto your Teampage.

1. You must be the administrator for both your Teampage and your Facebook page to do this

2. Go into your Facebook Fan Page, under your logo you will see “Edit Page”


3. Click on the “Marketing” section


4. Click on the “Add a Like Box to your Website”


5. Once you get to this page, you’re able to control how it looks and what you want shown. Set the Width to be 280 to fit into the the right column, or 475 to fit into the center column. Once you’re done adjusting the settings, click “Get Code”


6. After you click “Get Code”, a box will pop up with your plugin code. Copy all the code from the iFrame section.


7. Now head into Teampages and head into your Teampage Settings. Once you’re there, click on the Widget link on the left hand side bar. Here you’ll be able to add a new widget to your page.


8. Clicking “Add” will take you to an editor for you to input the code you’ve just copied from Facebook. Click on “Source” and delete everything from the box. Then paste the code you’ve copied from Facebook in and click save (don’t forget to add a title!).


9. Once you’ve saved go back into your Teampage Settings and the Widget section (shown in Step 7). At the bottom you will see your newly created widget for Facebook. Check off the box to make the widget visible and choose where you’d like the box to be positioned. Once you’re done, click save.


Here’s a look of how it’ll appear on your page. Like every other widget on your page you can drag it to where you’d like it positioned.


These are the steps to follow if you’d like to create a custom widget as well or search for other widgets online to put into your site (weather, holiday widgets, etc.)

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