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We were getting tons of feedback on our News section so recently we launched some new features. You can now add photos, attach documents and choose the amount of previous news you’d like to see in the section.

Adding News

To add news to your News and Announcement section, simply click the “Add” link on the right hand side, which will take you the page to enter your content.


In the editor, you’re able to add simple textile markups to your content as well as add an image or document to the post. You have the option to shorten the post by including a “read more” or keep it the way it is.
Here’s how your editor will look as you’re adding in your content:


Once you’re done, here’s how your post will look:


As you can see, old posts will appear at the bottom and is now a cleaner look than before.

To control how many old news you’d like to see:

1. Go into your Teampage settings
2. Go to the Team Apps/Privacy section
3. At the bottom, you will see a box that allows you put the number of previous posts you’d like to see
4. Save and done!


We hope that was helpful and if you have any more questions or feature requests, feel free to contact us by email at or by phone at 1-800-500-7203.


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