Getting Started on Teampages: Working through your profile


When you sign up on Teampages, it creates a profile for you before you create your own team or join a team. This profile acts like your own online player card that you can share with your teammates, friends, family and fans. You can manage your schedule here as well because all the events for every team you are on will be reflected in this calendar.

We’ll go through each tab and talk about what it consists of.

1. My Profile
This tab lets you view your personal profile. If there is something you don’t want to see on your profile or something you would like to see on your profile, heading into Account Settings on the right hand side will allow you to change it.


2. My Teams
This is where you are able to access the teams you are part of as well as create new teams. To do this, hover over this tab and a drop-down list will show allowing you to create a new team or view all the teams you are part of.


3. My Calendar
Clicking on this calendar will allow to view all the events that are happening in all the teams you are part of in one place. Under the calendar is the option to sync it with your phone, computer, etc.


4. My Inbox
Any messages sent to you personally will show up here.


5. My Friends
Share your profile with your friends and access theirs easily!


6. My Photos
Share your greatest sporting photos here with your friends!


7. My Videos
Share sport videos with your friends here. We’d love to see any amazing photos or videos you might have! Share them with us on our Facebook page or email them to us at


8. Notifications
Any notifications about new events, invitations to join teams, etc will be found here. If you are new to Teampages and your team has already invited you to join their team, you will find your invite here and confirm.


Under Notifications, you will see two more links: Referral Program and Account Settings.

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Account settings is where you’ll find everything else. Change your picture, name, bio, timezone, contact info, leave teams, privacy settings, notification settings, change your password and if you really must, close your account here.


Hope this walk-through helped you navigate our site better. Any suggestions you have on the navigation, feel free to send us an email at!


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