Getting Started on Teampages: The Scoreboard


Now that we’ve gone through each section of your Teampages profile (view that post here, we’ll go through each section of your team’s page so you have a better understanding of the navigation on our website.

We’ve already gone through the Roster and the Calendar, next up is the scoreboard.

The scoreboard allows you to track how your team does throughout the season. The scoreboard is affected by what is inputed in your calendar and the scoreboard then affects the stats of the players which we will cover later.

To put a game into the scoreboard is through creating an event in the Calendar. Only Games will show up (ex: Tournament will not show up but Tournament Game will).


To edit the scores, simply click the edit scores link on the right hand side. Once you’ve finished editing the scores, you’ll then be able to edit stats for individual players on your team.

If you’re not using the scoreboard and would like to turn off the application, go into your Teampage Settings, click on the Team Apps/Privacy and make the scoreboard visible to no one.

If there are suggestions of what you’d like to see with the scoreboard, we’d like to hear your suggestions! Leave us a comment below, email us at or leave a comment in our forum.


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