New Features: Add Photos and More to Announcements


Something we’ve heard about a lot in the forums, as well as during discussions with team managers and league administrators, is that people want more functionality from announcements.

polaroid baseball2And just in time for the holiday season, we rolled out a handful of improvements to this vitally important feature. We’ll likely be adding things here and there over the next few weeks, but the bulk of this update is done. Improvements include: support for simple textile markup, inserting photos and attaching documents.  We’ve also cleaned up all the headers for more consistency, added thumbnails and more info to past announcements as well as added the ability to control how many past announcements are displayed on your TeamPage.  Throw in HTML emails when you notify your members, and you’re looking at a completely redesigned way to communicate with your team, club or league.

So what do you think? What would you do to further improve team communication? Let us know as usual or by posting in the forums.

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