Getting Started on TeamPages: How to create/join a team


Now that you’re on Teampages, managing your team or league is a piece of cake. The Getting Started blog posts will help you navigate through the sites and get the basics down. First up is How to set up a brand new team, and this is what you will need to do:

Log into your account and in the upper right corner, click “Teams”. You will see “create a new team page” drop down option.

new teampage

This will take you to the different packages we offer. We have our basic package, our PRO package and our PRO package + ad free. Choose one of the packages and begin creating your Team.

new teampage

Once you’ve create your page, the setup wizard will take you through customizing your TeamPage. The privacy setting will allow you to decide who gets to see what you post on your page. The team administrator is you since you are the one creating the team but you can also give others admin access as well.

Once you’ve gone through all the steps, your page is ready to go!

If your team is already on TeamPages, here’s how you can join:

1. Log into your account. If the coach has already added you to their roster, under “Notifications” you will see a message asking you to accept the invite to join the team.

teampages notifications

2. If the coach hasn’t added you, go to the team home page and click ‘join team in the main navigation.

join teampages

If you have any further questions about joining or creating a team, please email or call at 1-800-500-7203.


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