Getting Started on TeamPages: Adding to Roster


The roster allows you to keep track of your players, coaches, fans and parents. By adding people to the roster you are also able to send messages to them individually or all together about important announcements or events. There are two ways that people are able to add themselves to the roster:

1. The admin of the team can add people through the roster page – see the steps below.

2. You can join a team via the ‘join team’ link on the team’s website.For more information about searching for teams or joining of teams, take a look at our blog post about joining and creating teams.

join teampages


If you are an admin, here are the steps to adding members to your list:

1. Head into your TeamPage and click on the Roster section. Click the ‘add member’ button next to each category (Coaches & Managers, Players, Parents and Guardians).

adding  roster members

2. Through here you are able to enter in players. By inputting their email, it will send them a notification to their TeamPages account (if they have created one) and will send them an email telling them they’ve been invited to join the team and to create an account.

add roster members

You are also able to bulk upload roster members using a .csv file. If you have your members listed in an excel spreadsheet, you can export it to .csv and upload it to TeamPages.

add roster members

Adding Parents and Children without Email Addresses

  • Each email is directly linked to one name in our system. For parents who would like to manage all their children using one email, ask the admin to add your child in without an email and add yourself into the parents section. This way you are able to get the notifications while having more than one child on the list with the same email.


Transferring members from one roster to another

If you’d like to transfer all the members from one team to another, this is how you do it:

1. Head over to the Roster page of the team you’d like to transfer from

2. On your browser’s link bar, type in .csv to the end of the link

add roster members

3. A .csv document will download to your computer containing the information that is in the roster

4. Head over to your new TeamPage that you’d like to upload the roster to and follow the link above for bulk uploading members via .csv.


If you have any questions about adding roster members, please feel free to email us at or call at 1-800-500-7203.


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