TeamPages Chat with the Pros – Jason Garrison, Florida Panthers


Jason Garrison - Florida Panthers

Jason Garrison - Florida Panthers

Guess who I got to speak with for our “TeamPages Chat with the Pros” interview series? A NHL player for the Florida Panthers – Jason Garrison!

Jason Garrison was signed with the Florida Panthers in 2008 as a Defensemen. Born in 1984, and from White Rock, BC, Canada, this guy is living the dream! Living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida during the season, and Vancouver, British Columbia during the summers, life couldn’t get much better! Garrison scored his first NHL goal in a game against the Philadelphia Flyers on March 3, 2010. To watch this goal, click here.

As for my interview with Jason Garrison, here’s what he had to say:

Question #1: Can you tell me about where you grew up, what were your favourite sports growing up?

I grew up mostly in White Rock BC, going to school at Chantrell Creek and Elgin Park high school but soon after graduation I moved into Vancouver. I played Rugby and Volleyball and really enjoyed snowboarding with all my friends but as hockey became more serious I had to quit everything else.

Question #2: Could you please explain your sports career, and the current team you play for?

I currently play for the Florida Panthers. My career until now was minor hockey in Semiahmoo, then junior hockey in Nanaimo where I received a scholarship to Minnesota Duluth. After 3 years there I signed professionally with Florida.

Question #3: Did you always dream of becoming a professional Hockey player?

Growing up I was a big Hockey fan and always dreamt of becoming a professional Hockey player.

Question #4: How did your friends and family support you to become a professional athlete?

They really supported me and helped me tremendously while I was going through the process and decision to go pro.

Question #5: Can you tell me about any coaches you had that were very inspirational, and helped you get to where you are today?

I had a coach my first year Junior that turned me into a defenseman ( I played forward my whole life) and it was probably one of the biggest reasons why I was able to get to where I am at.

Question #6: Is there someone who is very inspirational in your life?

My family is. They keep me grounded and make me appreciate how fortunate the opportunity is.

Question #7: What advice would you give to young athletes who have a dream of becoming a professional athlete one day?

Work hard but always have fun doing it. It’s when you’re forced or don’t continue to like the sport when trouble can happen.

Question #8: What do you do to prepare yourself for a big match or game?

There are a lot of things I do as most professional athletes are superstitious. But I usually make sure to drink a lot of water and stretch the night before and day of. I like to take real hot baths the night before and really cold baths the day of. The team plays a two-touch soccer game before we warm up.

Question #9: What do you do when you are not playing hockey?

During the season I find myself in my bed a lot as the game takes a toll on your body but when I do get up and about I’m usually playing golf. I go through stages throughout the season where I will read almost all day long as well.

Question #10: What do you do/your team do in the offseason?

Everyone goes back home to their families usually so i don’t see too many guys from the team in the summer. But most of the guys like being outdoors and enjoy golfing and most water sports.

Question #11: Here at TeamPages, we have a lot of youth teams who aspire to become professional athletes. Do you have any specific advice you have for young players who have a dream of playing hockey as a career?

Keep practicing and working hard at your game and always try to be a step above everyone else.

Question #12: What advice do you have for young players to mentally get back in the game when they are on the ice when the opposing team scores?

You can’t let that stuff get to you. You learn from your mistakes and move on as quickly as you can.

Question #13: What kind of diet do you eat?

I eat fairly healthy, I feel like it goes a long way and want to make sure my body get the proper nutrients. Most of my diet is organic and sugarless and it ranges between a huge variety of foods.

Question #14: What do you do to relax when you are really stressed?

I usually go for a walk or do something active to shed any stress.

Question #15: Where do you live during the season, and where do you live offseason?

I live in Ft. Lauderdale during the season and downtown Vancouver during the offseason.

Question #16: Do you find the travelling aspect of playing hockey in the States and being from Vancouver difficult?

It can be difficult if you don’t prepare for the flights by drinking lots of fluids and stretching but we travel the most out of any professional team so we are use to it.

Thanks Jason for answering some questions for us! If you would like to view his NHL profile, please click here.

If you have any comments about this interview, or any additional questions you would like Jason to answer, please leave them below.

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