World’s Largest Soccer Ball for Sale


Here’s an interesting article I came across. If you are interested in purchasing the world’s largest soccer ball for $1.2 million Canadian, than search no further! This two- person, soccer ball shaped airship, is for sale on e-bay!

World's largest football

This airship only has 20 hours of logged flight time, as it requires a Special Certificate of Airworthiness to operate. It was designed and manufactured by a Newmarket firm, owned by Hokan Colting. The soccer ball has a diameter of nearly 20 metres, and is the height of a six-storey building. It flies by an inner bladder filled with helium, which is very different than how a hot-air balloon flies.

It’s spherical shape comes from continuously running fans that provide positive pressure-much like an inflatable tennis court. It uses four 80-horsepower motors to control the fligth path.

In 2003, Hokan Colting and another colleague Tim Buss piloted a simmilar designed airship over Alberta and Saskatchewan. They broke a world record, for flying 6,234 metres above ground, which is the highest any human has ever flown in a powered, lighter-than-air craft.

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