Las Vegas Sports Acadademy is ranked #1 in the USA (and they use TeamPages!)


LVSAWe are proud to share that the Las Vegas Sports Academy, is ranked #1 in the United States for their Under-13-year-old boy soccer team!

The President of the Academy, Jim Rasmussen, spoke about some of the benefits of the club as “help[ing] Las Vegas kids realize their potential and worth not only on the soccer field, but as individuals…and it does this in a way that ensures any child who wants to participate is able to do so, with low monthly dues and scholarship opportunities.” We at TeamPages, also believe that playing sports helps children realize their potential off the field, as well as increases their self esteem!

In addition to being superstars on the field, this team has done a great job enhancing their TeamPages website! On their homepage, they features video clips of news stories about their team. Check them out at:

If you would also like to features videos on your TeamPages website, and need some technical support in order to do this, please call Derek Story at 1 (800) 500-7203 ext. 103 or email

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