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Let’s face it, while many of us rely on email for many of our day to day communications, teenagers (and 5th graders for that matter) text. Need the salt passed down the table? Send a text.

All kidding aside, there’s a reason we’ve included mobile updates for TeamPages (because it’s incredibly convenient when a data plan isn’t readily available, and it’s just cool) and below I’ll use describe a few quick steps to activate your phone and start receiving event reminders and team messages.texting

Step 1: click on the “Account Settings” link found at the top of any page within TeamPages.

Step 2: next, scroll down to “My Notification Settings” and click “Change” to update your number. When prompted, enter in your mobile number in the format (13242345678) and be sure to include the “1” before the area code.

You will receive a message that reads:

Your SMS number has not been verified. To receive SMS updates, please text TEAMPAGES to 82442 (or +447624803802 if you live outside of Canada or the United States.) Upon receiving the confirmation text “You subscribed to updates from TeamPages”

Text Instructions

Step 3: Click the link provided to send yourself a message and complete the verification.

One last note: If you’d ever like to unsubscribe to these SMS updates, text UNSUBSCRIBE to 82442 (or +447624803802 if you live outside of Canada or the United States) and the system will remove you until you’re ready to receive them again.

We’ll be continuing to expand this feature as TeamPages continues to move into the mobile space, so please feel free to comment below or join the community forums and let us know what you’d like to do on your iPhone, Blackberry or any other mobile device for that matter.

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