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TeamPages Embed Facebook Feed

There are lots of interesting tools (widgets) that may be an effective addition to your TeamPages Pro website. You can “embed” custom widgets on your TeamPages website to display social media feeds, custom score boards, or even weather reports!

When it comes to embedding content and code from other sites into TeamPages, you first want to visit your TeamPage Settings and locate the “Widgets” area.  Once there, your page should look similar to the one below.

From this settings page, you want to click “add”.

TeamPages Custom Widget
If you’ve already created a static HTML widget or page, this widget creator should look familiar; here is where you can add images and tables while also formatting your text and changing fonts.

To use the embedding feature, you want to select the “source” option.  This is the area that you can be paste your code from any widget creator or embeddable content.

TeamPages Custom Widget

Give the widget a title, click save, and you’re almost done!

The final two steps to customizing your TeamPage with a new widget are to make it visible by toggling it ‘on’. To do this, simply click the check box marked “visible” and hit ‘save’.

TeamPages Embed Facebook Feed TeamPages Embed Facebook Feed

Once completed, head back to your home page and drag the widget wherever you would like it to display.

We hope this article on embeding a custom widget has been helpful!  Please comment if you have any questions or email us at, we are always happy to help!


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