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When it comes to technology, I expect to press the button and have the light come on.  That’s it.  I don’t care how it works, it can be a pixie dust as long as it works.

That being said, there are lots of interesting tools (widgets) that may be an effective addition to your TeamPages Pro website.

At the end of this post I’ll list a few places where you can find and build widgets; but, let me explain how you can “embed” them in your TeamPage, first.

When it comes to embedding content and code from other sites into TeamPages, you first want to visit your TeamPage Settings and locate the “Widgets” tab.  Once there, your page should look similar to this one:

From this settings page, you want to click “add”.


If you’ve already created a static HTML widget or page, this should look familiar; here is where you can add images and tables while also formatting your text and changing fonts.

To use the embedding feature, you want to select the “source” option.  This is the area that you can be paste your code from any widget creator or embeddable content.

Widget Source Code

Give the widget a title, click save and you’re almost done!

The final two steps to customizing your TeamPage with a new widget are to make it visible and then to re-arrange your page so the widget is sized accordingly and in the correct column.  To make your widget visible, navigate back to the custom content section of TeamPage Settings and click the check box marked “visible”.  Once completed, head back to your home page and drag the widget (which should be in the bottom right corner by default), into it’s correct position.

Widget TeamPage

If you’ are feeling adventurous, here are some resources where you can build your own widgets, or get the embed codes of cool widgets that have already been made for you.

Happy widgeting!


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