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Updating your score after a game can be done a few different ways on TeamPages. Depending on how much detail you’d like to provide about the game (i.e. whether you want to include a more detailed box score and player stats), one approach may be more inline with what you’d like to accomplish. In this tutorial we’ll cover two of the methods to updating your team scores.

1. From your team scoreboard page.

Found in the navigation bar on your teampage, the link that reads “scoreboard” is a record of all the games your team has and will play this year. In the right column of this page next to each game, you will find a link that reads “edit stats”. Once a game has been played, click this link to enter in a detailed box score and player stats.

TeamPages Scoreboard

If players stats and detailed box scores are not a concern, you may choose to click the “edit scores” link found in the scoreboard header. This will make each of your past game scores editable in page. After updating your scores, be sure to click the button “save scores” to complete the update.

When editing statistics each of your players by default will be listed as a positional player, meaning that in order to insert pitching stats, you must select pitcher from the position drop down box.

Another note is to ensure your players are marked as attend by checking the attendance box next to their name. Players who have previously updated their own attendance status will already marked as attending.

TeamPages Player Stats Page

2. From your event details page.

Another way to update your scores and stats is to visit the event details page. To get here either click on “view event info” from the schedule scroll bar on your teampage, or click on the event inside either your team or division calendar.

Once you’re event is in the past, you’ll notice a slight change in the options you have available here. For instance, the link that reads “click here to print out a game sheet….” will now read “edit scores and statistics”. Click this link to add individual player stats and record a more detailed box score

Note that if a score is present on the event details page, your opposing coach or division administrator has already entered in the score. At this point you may either accept the score, or click “edit scores and statistics” to enter in your own player statistics.

Depending on the league configuration, you may also be prompted to confirm/challenge this score. When challenging, click the challenge score link and use the TeamPages messaging system to alert league administrators and the other coach. Try to be as descriptive as possible (i.e. the score was 7-6 for the Rangers rather than 7-4 for the Yankees and the opposing coach did not include a pitch count for his 2nd relief pitcher who threw 25 pitches in the 4th inning) to limit the amount of offline communication needed.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us on our toll-free customer support line at 1 (800) 500-7203 or email us at support@teampages.com

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