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Our contest numbers have just been updated.  Click here to see that blog post.

It’s been just over a week since we launched a fans section on TeamPages and we’re really excited to see how many of the teams have gone out and invited dozens of their friends and family to join TeamPages.  Coinciding with this new feature, we’ve also been holding a contest to see just how many fans your teams have, with the winner taking home a sweet $200 gift certificate for a team wrap-up party!

With the October 15 contest deadline a couple weeks away, we wanted to showcase the early leader board and highlight some of our most active teams.  Below is a top 10 list and how many fans they’ve invited:

1. DC Pink Sox 43
2. Palm Beach Heat 40
3. Milton Winterhawks Atom Select 26
4. Caledon Hawks Minor Peewee ‘AA’ 22
5. Stitchking Senators 18
6. 98 COBRAS 18
7. FC Lady Patriots 17
8. PASCO Jr Stallions U12 Boys 17
9. KC Blue Sox 14
10. Warriors 13
DC Pink Sox
Palm Beach Heat
Milton Winterhawks Atom Select
Caledon Hawks Minor Peewee ‘AA’
Stitchking Senators
FC Lady Patriots
PASCO Jr Stallions U12 Boys
KC Blue Sox

Remember, this is a list of the most active teams; first prize will be awarded to the team with the most confirmed fans.  So get out there and keep inviting those friends and family who will love following your teams all season long.

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