Latest Feature Updates Includes Fans and Much More


What’s new in the latest release of TeamPages? Lots!

codeThe biggest news is the addition of fans to our Teams. Now, TeamPages users can request to become fans of teams, and team members are able to invite fans to join teams – perfect for relatives, friends, and anyone else who might be interested in keeping up with a team. We’ll be running a competition shortly to see which team can bring on the most fans – I encourage you to get a head start today.

Of course, that’s not all that’s happened. I’ve got good news for those teams that wanted better calendars. First of all, we’ve opened up printable calendars to everyone – no more are you required to print the calendar from the TeamPage, it’s an option for clubs, leagues, and your personal calendar page. Also, our new work lets you export your events into calendar format, instead of the list view we’ve used for teams. Teams will still have the option to print their schedules in list view if they like.

Users of our club software will be happy to learn that we’ve extended our privacy controls over to them. In addition, we’ve improved our privacy tools for everyone. Now, areas of the site can be set to viewable by “No One” which will prevent anyone from seeing them, and prevent the links from showing up in the navigation menu.

Finally, roster management just got a bit easier, with the ability to toggle sorting by first or last name, or player number.  I hope you find this helpful when managing your roster.

Vimeo videos were another request I’ve been hearing a bit lately, so those of you are Vimeo users can now, in addition to YouTube, add Vimeo videos to the videos area.

As always, there’s a number of other fixes, tweaks and improvements. I encourage you to let us know what you think of the new updates, either by commenting on this blog post, or in the Teampages Forums. And, because we’re not perfect, if you encounter any problems with the latest update or have other feedback on it, let us know at

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