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Do you have die-hard fans?

Win a $200 gift certificate for your team wrap-up party!

Does your team have a lot of fans? To celebrate the release of our new Fan feature, we want to see which team has the most supporters on TeamPages. The team with the most fans by October 15th takes home the prize.

Inviting your fans has never been so easy!  Share your TeamPage with friends and family by entering their first and last name with an email address.

Or import your contacts from Microsoft Outlook or almost any online email service including: Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Plaxo.

Contest Rules:

  1. The top prize will be awarded to the team judged by to have the most confirmed fans at 12:00pm PST on October 15, 2009.
  2. All teams that qualify with over 50 fans will be awarded a bonus year of TeamPages Pro.
  3. The winning team will have 7 days to claim their prize after being contacted by TeamPages staff.  Otherwise the prize will be awarded to the second place team.
  4. Each confirmed fan email address will be verified by TeamPages staff to ensure legitimacy of the account.
  5. All teams when inviting members to join their fan pages must abide by the TeamPages privacy policy.

In other words, please play fair and don’t spam everyone in your address books; we really can’t handle thousands of angry emails by people wondering why they’re being contacted about a team they don’t recognize.

Check back in the next couple of weeks as we will be updating our leaderboard with the current standings.

Good luck!

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