Quick Tutorial on New Features


Upload a Custom Banner

Adding a custom banner is a great way to set your TeamPage apart from the rest.  For optimal results, please ensure your banner is:

An acceptable format (either .jpg or .png)
Less than 5MB
1000 pixels wide

After formatting the image, click on the TeamPage Settings section, scroll down to the Colors & Custom Header Panel found in the right column, and click browse.  Select the image, click save and your done! Easy as that.

Create a Custom Widget

Also found in the TeamPage Settings section is the custom widget creator, which acts much like our custom page creator.

To get started first, click the “add” link located in the panel header.   Next, give the widget a title and begin adding content.  Pictures, tables and text are all acceptable.  After clicking save, make sure to check the box that activates the widget in order to view it on the TeamPage.

Redesign Your Layout

Layout design for administrators has never been this easy.  Simply mouse over any header, click and drag the panel around the page.  No need to click edit or save as the page will update automatically.

Please note, the panels found in the left column cannot be moved and if your team is ad-supported, the video advertisement will automatically reset to it’s original place.

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