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Scheduled for release later today, we’ve made it even easier to customize your TeamPage.  Administrators now have the ability at the team, league and club levels to reorganize the layout with drag and drop functionality.

Drag-and-Drop Layout Design

We have also heard some chatter lately about adding a team photo to the TeamPage or information such as a mission statement and a coach bio.  This latest release addresses each these requests with new custom widgets.  Using an HTML editor, you may add as many widgets to your TeamPage as you like.

Custom widgets is something we’d like to expand upon in the near future, and while we have some ideas about which embedded applications might be popular (weather, polls and a music player), we’d love to hear what our community wants.  To vote up a widget, please check out the forum we’ve created specifically for custom widgets.

If you’re wondering how to add custom widgets, or hide some of the default widgets, visit the TeamPages Settings area and look for the panel just below custom pages and links.

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  1. Do these templates include built-in SEO website design? Love the features and the ability to add widgets as needed, but wondering about the back end code and optimization features.

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