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League software gets some love.

We just released a couple of new features that make our recently launched league management software that much more flexible and powerful.  Designed and built from user feedback we’ve added the following functionality to TeamPages:

  • League leaders – once activated, this feature takes game stats and compiles them into a feed on the league page.  Completely automated and always up to date, league leaders lets everyone see who’s lighting it up.
  • Scoring confirmation and challenges – now leagues have the ability to let their coaches score and confirm games.  No more reporting and waiting for a single webmaster to update the website, league scores and standings are always up to date.

In addition to some updates to the league software, we also fixed a few glitches and made some minor improvements to the TeamPage itself.  Issues with editing photo captions have been erased, the video section now displays the most recent videos first and baseball statisticians can account for thirds of innings pitched while also setting the number of innings per game for accurate ERA calculations.

Leave us your feedback.

As is the case with many of our features, each one listed above was the result of user feedback.  So yes we want to hear from you so please drop us a note, or visit our forums and let us know what you think, offer a suggestion or just say hi.

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