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We love hearing about new sports and ways people are keeping active and having fun.  This guest article is written by our friends from the 2009 Pro-Am Beach Soccer, enjoy.

One Love: Beach Soccer for Life

The cover of One Love, by Levon Biss and Steve Rushin is a powerful expression of soccer as a life style that has not only transcended cultures and generations, but also as a sport that has adapted to all sorts of surfaces re-conquering the world!

One Love - Beach Soccer for LifeFrom the coasts of the Philippines, United States, Spain, Mexico, Haiti, Uruguay and the list goes on, Beach Soccer, has increased its popularity tenfold since its foundation in Brazil in 1992 by Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW). It’s really amazing!

Although this perfect coffee book table for soccer lovers has awesome pictures of soccer being played in other non-pitches places – a torn up street or a backyard – I can talk about Beach Soccer for Life! Here are some basics if you are new to Beach Soccer:

Players – Five players at a time, including the goalkeeper and unlimited amount of substitutions, from a selection of 3 to 5 players. Throw-ins and kick-ins mean the pace and flow of the game is much higher than regular soccer. Goal kicks are taken by the goalie using his hands to throw the ball.

Gear – Shoes are not allowed, although ankle guards are permitted. You can also wear special sand socks.

Length of Game – A game lasts thirty-six minutes, and is split up into three twelve-minute periods

Fouls and Restarts – Any fouls committed lead to a free kick on goal, which has to be taken by the player who was fouled, unless awarded for deliberate handling. Yellow and red cards can be issued. However unlike in the main game, when a player receives a yellow card he must leave the pitch for two minutes and the team must play with four players for that duration of time. When a player receives a red card, he is dismissed from the game entirely – unlike in 11-a-side soccer, the team can bring on a substitute to replace the dismissed player after two minutes.

World Cup – FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, managed by FIFA Beach Soccer S.L. since 2005.

2009 Pro-Am Beach Soccer – Tournaments hosted by US former National Beach Soccer Coach, Tighe O’Sullivan. Next up is Santa Cruz (May 30/31), followed by Stinson Beach (June 20/21), Ocean Beach SF (September) and San Diego (October).  Registrations and more info at: www.proambeachsoccer.NET

Looking forward to sharing with you this One Love!

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