Photos, Maps and Attendance – We Fixed Them All


Released in the wee hours Tuesday night, fixes for photo uploads, map integration and attendance tracking were all pushed live after extensive testing.  Some of these features have seen major improvements in the last couple of months and required some extra tweaking in order to function how they were designed.  You’ll notice in the screen shot below that the attendance feature is now much more intuitive AND functional.

Upcoming Game Attendance Screen Shot

(click the image to view in higher resolution)

By checking the event details of an upcoming game, you see a quick attendance summary of players, coaches and parents.  What’s great is that now either a team administrator or the player/parent can easily adjust their attendance from this one page!

Locations were another area of concern we addressed with this latest release.  Now each time you add a location to one of your events, it will be included in a drop down menu tailored to your team.  The result is fewer locations to browse through which saves you time and the hassle of searching through dozens of user generated locations in your area.

Photo Albums were also cleaned up this week, and should make for a much more enjoyable experience.  So we hope everyone continues adding photos and filling out their TeamPages; and remember, if you ever need extra space, upgrading to TeamPages Pro gives you unlimited photos and document storage for less than $5/month.  To upgrade your TeamPage, click on the Settings section and scroll down to Subscription Information.

Thanks and keep playing,

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