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The new home page is up! Visit it by going to

Chances are you’re already a TeamPages user and a new home page isn’t something you will see very often because you have already bookmarked your own sub-domain (click here if you’re unsure how to do that).  That said, the new home page will be a great resource for some of your new team members who are new to TeamPages and want to learn more.

One addition that immediately stands out is the customer testimonial section (  This is a small sample of the feedback we’ve received since the launch of TeamPages Pro, and we’re always looking to add to it.  If you have an oppinion of TeamPages (good or bad), we want to hear it!  And if we end up posting it to the website or adding a feature because of it, we’ll send you a customized TeamPages t-shirt (trust me its worth it, they’re sweet!).

We can be reached through either our toll-free customer support line 1 (800) 500-7203 or by email at

Thanks and keep playing,

Derek at TeamPages

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Derek grew up playing almost every sport under the sun; from baseball to football to triathlons and marathons, he did it all. Since then he's found himself coaching little league baseball, playing soccer for a local club and working here at TeamPages as a sales manager. Derek often writes for the TeamPages blog when it comes to tutorials, FAQ's and product updates.

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