A New TeamPages is Here!


 We’d like to say thank you to all of our members and all the great feedback we’ve received.  Based on much of your feedback, our designers and developers have been hard at work creating a fresh new look for TeamPages that will help everyone navigate the site more easily.

TeamPage All the features are still there (schedules, announcements, rosters, site admin, message boards, etc.) but some will have a more modern look and feel.  Let us know what you think about the new design by taking a short survey:


To learn more about the changes we've made to TeamPages, check out our updated Tour section for select screen shots and detailed functionality.

Even though we've just released TeamPages 2.0, we're always interested to learn what you would like to see TeamPages do.  Find the Forum we've dedicated to TeamPages feature requests where each week we'll be holding contests and giving away cool TeamPages shwag for people who post suggestions and feature requests.

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Derek grew up playing almost every sport under the sun; from baseball to football to triathlons and marathons, he did it all. Since then he's found himself coaching little league baseball, playing soccer for a local club and working here at TeamPages as a sales manager. Derek often writes for the TeamPages blog when it comes to tutorials, FAQ's and product updates.

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