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This weeks blog has focused a lot on dealing with challenges (the community of the week) and doing the impossible (the quote of the week). I figured a fitting and motivating post this week would be to discuss the four minute mile, a historical moment which reinforces the age old proverb “where there’s a will there’s a way.”

It was once thought that it was physiologically impossible to run a mile in under four minutes. Doctors thought that the human body was not equipped to deal with such an enormous exertion of energy. What they did not take into account was that a man named Roger Bannister believed in mind over matter. He knew that the power of the mind is so great that when we believe something is impossible than it will be, the same goes when we believe something is possible. This mindset is how, in 1954, he achieved the impossible and ran a mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. After proving to the world that the four minute mile was in fact possible, other athletes were able to do the same.

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