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Derek and Mike with soccer shirts
As Mike Tan (right), CEO of TeamPages and Derek Story (left), Business Development Manager, prepared for their first soccer conference, they had no idea how much of an impact the T-shirts would make. For those of you who do not receive our newsletter I will attach the original story below, for those of you who do, I thought I would link to this post so you could see the T-shirts we were referring to.

The Pittsburgh conference success story
The TeamPages sales team spent the weekend in Pittsburgh at the US Youth Soccer conference. It was a tremendous success; but surprisingly it was not the high tech screens with engaging images, nor the hand outs, nor the informative sales team that seemed to win people over. The true key lay in the power of the “Soccer. My sport, My life” T-shirts. So popular were the T-shirts that not only did the crowd want them, but staff from other booths were finding out how to obtain these gems. People were even offering to buy these free promotional items.

We would like to share this lesson with you. If you are trying to market your sports organization, or anything for that matter, we highly suggest finding a catchy slogan or catch phrase and putting it on a T-shirt, or some other useful item that people can visibly use. This along with your organization’s name and logo can provide you with a great marketing tool. Giving these shirts away or even selling them as a fundraiser is a great way to increase awareness within your targeted market.

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  1. Our Dunbar (Vancouver) soccer team made umbrellas available for us spectators on the sidelines–players’ families and friends. The brollies were in the team’s colours. We recognized one another in the community just by our umbrellas!

  2. That is a great idea and a nice way to show support for your favorite team. As a Vancouver local myself, umbrellas are also very appropriate given the amount of rain the city gets. But for the record I do and always will heart Vancouver so for those reading this don’t let the rain affect your opinion of the city.

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