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As I prepare for the launch of the new TeamPages Blog, many questions run through my head. What makes a good blog? How do I engage the readers? What should I write about? I read blog after blog searching for the eternal blog truth, the blog of all blogs, the answer to the question of blog life and yet I still feel as though this answer is nowhere in sight. Then I come across a book called The Corporate Blogging Book by Debbie Weil and I try and absorb as much helpful information as humanly possible. Some of the tips tell me to write a blog entry as if I was writing to my mother, some tell me to be informative and introduce topics that will spark a discussion, some tell me not to use puffery or PR and to just be myself.

Well world here I am, the community development manager for TeamPages, and gosh darn it I intend to develop the TeamPages community. As Babe Ruth once said “don’t let the fear of striking out get in your way.” So here is the epiphany I have made for this blog entry. The answer to the eternal blog truth is YOU!

I have learned that writing a blog is not something that you can really prepare for. The postings are fresh off of the press and as a Blog writer I get to watch and see what you seem to respond to. I will focus more on topics that you seem to like and try to avoid the ones that you don’t pay much attention to. And with that I would like to thank you very much for taking some of the weight off of my shoulders.

So here is your first assignment. I would like to hear from you about the topics that you would find interesting. My first thoughts have been to post about new features. tips and tricks with regards to the TeamPages site, helpful articles on topics such as bullying on the sports field, how to build a cohesive Team or how to market your sports organization. I am also thinking of having quotes of the week and posts that discuss something that happened “this week or month in sports history.” I would also like to have “sports community of the week” which would provide a short blurb about an outstanding coach, team, player, volunteer or parent. If you have an inspiring story to tell please send the details to naomi.buell@teampages.com and if you have any pictures or quotes to give it that little extra, they would also be much appreciated. Please let me know what things you are interested in, be it something that I have suggested or something that I have completely failed to mention. You can post comments or send it to me via e-mail.

And with that I conclude the first ever TeamPages Blog posting….maybe someday someone will write about it in their “this week in sports history section.”

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5 comments on “Welcome to the new TeamPages Blog!

  1. What a brilliant idea this blog is! Since I am in the business of gathering stories of inspiration, what I would be most interested in would be to hear form team players about moments of inspiration and exhiliration. Well written, heartfelt, thank you.

  2. What a grande idea to have a team sports page where members and others can check in to.
    I am sure that the articles about team playing , the art of being a good member and how to fend off the bullies will be very helpful and informative.

    Good beginnings lead to better developments!!

  3. Thanks for all the positive feedback and suggestions. I will definitely include inspirational stories and if anyone else has any requests please let me know.

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